First, thanks for taking time to read this. We are super excited to share this note.

Secondly, this is only semi-public information. However, we are not hiding it, so sharing it with someone you think would need the information is okay.

Alright, let’s get to it already!

Stacey and I have allowed ourselves to pursue a passion we have suppressed for years. We’ve been systematically working through the process for most of this year and are pleased to share that we are Travel Specialists!

We bought a Dream Vacations franchise in May and became certified in July. Since then, we have been unraveling the multiple layers of what it means to help people have great travel experiences.

Addressing a couple of Travel Specialist myths.

We are not miracle workers (though we wish we were 🙂👍🏽). We don’t have access to free trips. We DO have access to resources, tools, and, yes, some deals that make it worthwhile for those who choose to use us.

We are not more expensive than doing it yourself. We are not charging at this juncture, so our cost is no different than if you did it yourself. How does that work? When you purchase travel from any company, a margin is set up in that cost. Those suppliers pay us out of that margin.

Why are we not going public?

Several reasons… here are a couple.

We are still primarily focused on CS Design. Until we can get our team fully autonomous… we need to take care of the clients we have committed to at the highest level. (It is nice we can do much of this while traveling)

For now, we want to prioritize and “practice” our newfound skills with our family and friends. There’s no reason you shouldn’t benefit from what we can offer!

So what can we offer?

Think “Value.” Travel is a gift; when you allow yourself to indulge in that gift, you really want a great experience. If you have someone 100% on your side from cost to logistics with the resources to provide great insight as needed, it gives you peace of mind knowing you are getting the best experience. That’s what we offer.

What do you do with all of this information?

If you don’t have a travel specialist, please consider us for your next adventures… big and small! or (573) 44-Go-Now [444.6669]

If you prefer to book your trips, book through our website! We have great deals and believe you will be pleasantly surprised! (By the way, your existing rewards accounts will be applied… and sometimes we have stackable additional perks).

A final note.

Stacey and I deeply value our relationships with you and our shared experiences. Travel has undoubtedly provided some of the most profound and biggest memories. If we can help you or others enjoy this, serving you in this capacity will bring us great joy.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…

Big Memories Ahead!