So, today is my birthday—another year around the sun.

This day brings a lot of reflection. Mostly because I get a swarm of people dropping me a note on Facebook wishing me a happy birthday. I enjoy this, but it propels me to process life’s different seasons. Why? Well, because I’m 45 today. I’ve got four kids, been married for almost 23 years, lived in six different homes (in my adult life), and experienced six (and a half) career changes.

I tend to dive in deeply. Community and relationships mean a lot to me.

All that said, this last year has been rather interesting. Instead of giving the “it’s been busy”. Or, “Everything’s been good” lines, perhaps I’ve learned to be a little more honest. It’s been rough.

I’m learning to deal with a lot: dependencies, blind spots, selfish habits, and trust issues.

Professionally, I’m learning to give myself permission to be more honest and not allow myself to be taken advantage of.

Without going into details, it’s been a challenging year. But I’m facing demons and weak spots head-on. I’m gaining confidence in loving myself and loving others in a more genuine nature than I could have ever thought was possible. I’m becoming a better person, friend, and acquaintance.

I’m finding my people. This has been the most difficult thing. I’m loyal to a fault, but realizing how that loyalty has led me into a path of personal and professional abuse. I’m noticing, naming, and releasing myself from these instances. It’s freeing!

So, 2024… this is truly a year I’m looking forward to. Being with my people. Making heartfelt memories. Loving myself. Loving others… because I know where love comes from, and re-grounding myself in that.


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